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Lotus & One Hundred Eyes - Love, love, love

What does love look like?

Well, there are as many answers to that question as there are blades of grass on a footy oval but let’s look at one answer that I found while watching Marco Polo a stunning Netflix series.

Our two lovers in this example are the characters Lotus ( Michele Yeoh ) and One Hundred eyes        ( Tom Wu ) the scene I’d like to draw your attention to is a unique and poignant one.

One Hundred eyes who is blind but in the tradition of the Martial Arts genre shows few, if any signs of blindness, able to move about, fight with unmatchable prowess, and perceive that which the eyes almost always miss.

Through selfless and selfish acts on both their parts, these two lovers are separated, though the love between them only grows stronger.
Suddenly their obits realign and Lotus finds One Hundred Eyes, the lover she thought was lost to her,  working out in his Dojo. Lotus watches from the shadows, being careful not to make a sound.
As she moves out from the shadows a single t…
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Recent events have made me reflect on the nature of things...  At this moment I am thinking about Cool and Swagger! 
With the passing of Lonnie  Mack, Prince, David Bowie and George Martin you may believe that the world is now in deficit of both but fear not Cool and Swagger are safe and sound!
Now if you know me you know I'm one cool doofus (maybe more doofus)  but cool doesn't happen in a vacuum it's gotta come from somewhere!  So let me tell you a bit about my personal idol of Cool and Swagger!  
My brother John Bagley! 
Back in the day that was one tall dark and handsome sharp dressing SOB!  
While I was learning how to deal with the freak flag that was sticking out the middle of my forehead there was my brother making "cool" his bitch! 
I was bound to lean something! 
By example, I got the idea of what dress sense and Swagger is and how I could apply it to my slightly less formidable physicality.
Case and point: in the 80's a trend swept through NY a seem…

A need to make things work

There must still be a great number of these type of old Deco picture houses around the planet it always baffles me that with all the style they possess I don't hear about any of them prospering. Sure they still operate but it seems that they're always on the brink of closure. Seems a shame ...

The Astor theatre is one in my neighborhood that fits the above description. The Astor is a well respected fixture but I run into many that have never been in it. We all ( citizens of Melbourne ) Drive , Walk & Tram past it daily but never go in. I have a desire to see it work ... I want to take it apart like the tape recorders, tv's and microphones I opened as a child. I do have a desire to make things work, could be why I have such a hard time letting go when they don't I'll either have to find a way to let go easier or... Find a way to make EVERYTHING work! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

Take Me Away!

Theres always a lot of talk about what we deserve...
or don't deserve
much "damn... I didn't deserve that" or
"What did I do to deserve this?"
But I think the real point lies in the idea that for some reason we tend to believe that the universe (for lack of a better term) has some interest in what happens to us.
I mean does the universe still sob over the fate of the dinosaurs?
Does it ponder still over the fates of the many we have all lost?
If I trip and fall in the path of an oncoming tram will the universe, god, buddha or the tooth fairy send a card to my mom to say " That was just fucked up what happened to your boy... we all regret it and hope you get over it soon."
I think not.
The fact is that in the grand scheme none of us matter much ... and that's ok.
Because we never did.
I wonder when mankind got the idea that we are the lynch pin of the universe?
Sure for a long time we believed we were the centre of it all but that was pure ignorance now …

The Negro travelers' Green Book Guide to Travel & Vacations

It is quite shocking to me that I have never heard of "The Negro travellers' Green Book Guide to travel & vacations" If you are as unaware as I was I'll let you know what it's all about ...
This, I can only imagine, indispensable book points a safe route to travel in segregated America, it lists hotels, gas stations tailors, restaurants that would serve blacks in those dark days of segregation, so that if you were fortunate enough to be able to travel it could give you at least some hope of surviving America as it was then.
This book must have been a must have for every band traveling Jim Crow America so every tour manager, bus driver, booking agent & more MUST have known about it and it was a published for 30 years ... let me say that again 30 YEARS! and yet it is not common knowledge how can this be ?
Now, hear me clearly I'm not saying that it should be known to simply point out another injustice inflicted upon blacks that is a valid point to be …

Clues ... Where can I buy one?

You know … it occurs to me , after all these years that there have been so many directional clues that I have not considered along the way to here . Maybe I'm a little slow or maybe I just lost focus for a while... or maybe , and this is the part that scares me, maybe I have a fatal flaw when it comes to women, it's not that the women I have known were bad, far from it, I have been extremely lucky to have known every one of them, but I am sure now, that as much as I would have wished it were not so, in every case we were not suited to each other. Is it the accumulating years that lead me to believe that the ones that I did not explore fully are the very ones I may have had the best chance with? Or is it just that crazy “road not taken” thing that does it? I would have liked to grow with someone, but it seems that is not my fate. I have wanted that thing , that ubiquitous “spark” I think in some cases I have tried to build the spark but that can't work. Other times I have …

An obese president?

Recently while watching one of the news programs from the homeland and during one of the segments on politics I began to think, as the camera panned across a room of full figured politicians... Would America ever elect an obese president? ... Again.
You may be thinking that president W.H Taft was quite a large politico but that was a long time ago and on an almost entirely different planet.
The reality these days is for even a slightly overweight person to even run for the office is unthinkable.
There was a large form politician here in Australia that thought himself "fit" for the job of Prime Minister but for some reason he just couldn't quite get there ... eventually off he went to the political fat farm ( yeah I know there is probably not really a political fat farm but I like to think there is ) so he returns to the world of politics still a bit over the weight limit ... so no brass ring. 
Listen, for my money I say there has never been a qualified politician, th…